Nearly 8,000 examinees clear Korean language test

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Kathmandu, June 29

Of the total 82,264 Nepali job-seekers who had appeared for the Korean language test (KLT) on June 9 and 10, 7,996 have passed, according to the EPS Korea Section under the Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE).

The result of the KLT, which was conducted under the Employment Permit System (EPS) of the Korean government, was published today.

However, not all who have passed the language test will secure jobs in South Korea, as the Korean government is planning to recruit only 7,100 Nepali workers for 2019. Based on the set quota, Korean firms will hire Nepali workers who have passed the KLT based on their skills and qualifications.

Though the South Korean government had earlier stated that Nepali workers would also have to pass skill tests, it has been made mandatory only from 2020, informed officials of EPS Korea Section.

Of the quota for 7,100 workers from Nepal for 2019, 4,800 will be employed in the production sector, while the remaining workers will be hired in the agriculture sector.

The labour demand from South Korea stood at 10,200 in 2018 and 3,100 in 2017.

The validity of KLT will be for two years, which means that those who pass KLT cannot apply for jobs in South Korea after two years.

The South Korean government has set basic monthly salary of 1,236,000 won (around $1,075) for Nepali workers. Over 50,000 Nepali workers have received opportunities to work in South Korea under the EPS so far.

Written by Nikki Hamal
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