Nepal defeated UAE, Lalit alone took 4 wickets

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Nepal has won UAE in the practice of World Cup Qualifiers match by 5 wickets on.

UAE scored 172 runs in the short 29 overs, which Nepal got by 5 wickets over the last four balls of the game.

Nepal’s start was not good. Nepal lost the first wicket by adding 16 runs, while the third wicket was lost by Nepal. Captain Paras Khadka also got out on 28 runs in team’s 30 runs. However, Sharad Vasavkarkar hit 57 runs with Dipendra Singh Airey for the fifth wicket.

Dipendra scored 41 runs. Then, Arif Sheikh together with Sharad. After unbeaten on Sharad 41, Arif scored the knockout 23 runs.

Earlier, UAE made only 171 runs by losing all wickets in 28.5 overs. It lost only 5 wickets in the last 2 overs. Karan KC had has taken three wickets in the 29th over alone.

Asaphak Ahmed made 42 runs.

Lalit Singh Bhandari of Nepal took 4 wickets and Karan KC added his 3 wickets. Paras Khadka scored 1 wicket while Lalit Narayan Rajbanshi took 2 wickets.