Nepal defeats Hong Kong by 5 wickets

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Rohit Kumar Poudel and Sompal Kami, who gave a significant share for the sixth wicket led winning 5 wicket win in Zimbabwe, in the last match of Nepal.

With this, Nepal has made the possibility of getting recognition of ICC van de cricket. With the victory, Nepal is ranked in fourth place with score 2 in the group. Zimbabwe, Scotland and Afganistan have ranked Super Six in Hong Kong group following the run rate. Nepal will compete with Papua New Zealand in the playoff.

Nepal has found a target of 544 runs by loss of 5 wickets in 40 overs 4. Referring to the loss of 5 wickets while 66 runs, Rohit and Sompal did a significant partnership of 9 for the sixth wicket. Rohit 48 and Sompal remained unbeaten on 37 runs.

In the past, Nepal’s first inning batsman was in trouble in the past as well. Anil Kumar Sah 26, Gyanendra Mall and Dipendra Singh Ari, 12, Paras Khadka 11 and Arif Sheikh have been out in 2 runs. Aajaz Khan and Ishan Khan have taken 2-2 wickets.

Earlier, Nepali bowlers bowled out for the first time in Hong Kong in the total over 48 runs in 48 overs. Sandeep Lamichhane, 3, Basant Regmi and Karan KC liked the same as 2-2 and Sompal Kami and Lalit Rajbanshi took one wicket each. Ishan Khan added 25 and Captain Babar Hai added 20 runs in the innings, which made Nizjakat Khan the highest 47 runs.

Six batsmen could not touch the double digit score. Regarding his spell, Lamichhane spent only 17 runs with four over the match, Regmi, who kept the same 4 over match, gave 24 runs.