Nepal Telecom to initiate loan services from tomorrow

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Nepal Telecom announced that ‘Hello Credit Service’ will be announced tomorrow for Friday on GSM prepaid customers. Customers will be able to take the service from tomorrow even though it was a clear launch on August 2.

However, the customer is willing to pay interest or any charge for this service.

Telecom announced this service was started on the occasion of the 14th anniversary. Prepaid SIM card customers from tomorrow will be able to call a credit if the customer would be out of the balance.

The Minister of Information and Communications, Gokul Baskota, is planning to launch service at 10 am in the morning. By now, Ncell has been giving only a render service.

Tomorrow the announcement will be made for how much money will be spent in the scheme.

The information about how to take the service is also to inform about the program on the customers.