‘Pokhara Food Carnival’ on this New Year

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I Blues Management will be organizing ‘Pokhara Food Carnival’ with attractive offers in Pokhara to enhance the tourism on the occasion of the New Year.

In the press conference organized in the Capital, information was given to organize Carnival’ in the new market-based center. Kushal Thapa, director of I Blues Management, said in a press conference organized with two hundred and five guests. He said that the purpose of providing entertainment to all at Pokhara and entertainment is included with various foodstuffs, drinks, party and DJ music.

According to him, many other attractive offers have been brought in the carnivals. In which one of the 4 out of the attire wearing excellent dresses has been brought to the offer sent to Singapore, Thailand, and Dubai, Indonesia.

Iphone 8 plus gift will be provided to be the best participant in such a program. Another gift hamper could be provided by Middletown Saloon. Out of 10 women wearing such a dressing dress will be provided ten thousand equivalent shopping vouchers to the Cloud Nine.

In the carnivals, DJ artist Neptaj, DJ artist Saarkar, Rupesh, Prajwal, Vikas, Jeevan, and Lady DJ will be able to cater to anxiety of the crowd.

Arrangement has been made for the entry of one thousand rupees in the first phase under the program to be completed in two phases from 11 am to 11.00 pm.

Similarly, a two-day ticket has been provided for welcome drilling and entry passage for the program from 5pm on the second phase of the evening. According to the organizer, arrangement for guests outside such Pokhara, 12 thousand tickets are available for one-way transportation facility, welcome drilling, entry pass, AC facility in high level hotel, and includes free boating in the flight.

Another organizer Sajan Godar, who was able to attend the dress, featured culture dressing in the program, face-to-face masks, and dress code related to various business activities, and self-interest in the profession. Meanwhile, 15 percent of the collection from the program will be given to the National Inventory Center.