New Zealand v England: first women’s cricket ODI – live

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2nd over: New Zealand 10-0 (Bates 9, Bezuidenhout 0) Bates dropped for real this time, with Sciver-Brunt unable to snaffle her at midwicket from Bell’s first ball! The tall seamer sprays one down leg later in the over before giving Bates the chance to drive to finish and she doesn’t miss out, timing it straight for four. Shot.

1st over: New Zealand 5-0 (Bates 5, Bezuidenhout 0) Uppish from Bates second ball, driving for four but not without risk with mid-on and mid-off inside the circle to begin and Ecclestone not far away from dragging in a diving catch – a half chance, perhaps? Bezuidenhout defends right out the middle to finish – her first ball. Nice start from Cross, who has been taking the first over since Brunt/Shrubsole hung up the boots.

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Written by Tanya Aldred (now) Adam Collins (New Zealand innings)
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