Northern Ireland’s Shiels mars England win by blaming ‘emotional’ women


  • Northern Ireland 0-5 England
  • Hemp and Stanway both fire doubles in World Cup qualifier

The Northern Ireland manager, Kenny Shiels, blamed women for being “more emotional than men” as a reason for women’s teams conceding a second goal shortly after a first, following a heavy defeat which all but guarantees England’s qualification for the Women’s World Cup.

“In the women’s game, I’ve noticed, as I’m sure you’re aware, if you go through the patterns, when a team concedes a goal they concede a second one in a very very short period of time, right through the whole spectrum of the women’s game, because girls and women are more emotional than men,” he said. “So, they take a goal going in not very well.”

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Written by Suzanne Wrack at Windsor Park
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