Pièce de résistance awaits as Rugby World Cup reaches its Parisian finale

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Winner becomes most successful team in World Cup history and New Zealand v South Africa rarely disappoints

There have been some gripping contests at this Rugby World Cup already but the pièce de résistance is still to come. The two top-ranked teams in the world, two traditional old rivals, only one winner. Even in France, where interest in this tournament has sagged appreciably since the host nation bowed out, there are widespread expectations of a high-quality final.

To some degree the competition needs a suitably grand finale after a week of dispiriting off-field distractions and a distinct lack of promotional hoopla. South Africa have been holding their press conferences in a distant village hall while the majority of the All Blacks have been their usual dry, watchful selves. The opposing captains nose to nose beneath the Eiffel Tower? Dream on.

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Written by Robert Kitson in Paris
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