Power cut off on TIA runway

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Last night, a flight from Bangalore at Tribhuvan International Airport has to suffer from power outage. This has created a matter of sensational news among the media as Nepal Airlines is the only government flight and TIA is the only international airport in Nepal.

According to a source at TIA, the lights went off at around 9:00pm when a Boeing 757 flight was making a final approach on the runway.

The lightening went off at 09:00 pm when Boeing 757 from Bangalore was approaching its final trip.

“The flight, which had been cleared for landing, overshot the runway after the captain in command noticed electrical outage during the short final phase of his landing,” the source added.

Source mentioned the automatic stand-by backup generator takes around 7 seconds when the direct source of electricity is cut off.

Apparently, the airport is back-up by a Rs 2-crore worth 1000 KVA diesel generator.