Ronan O’Gara: ‘A bit of me would love to have a crack at a World Cup’

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The coach of European champions, La Rochelle, looks forward to the Six Nations and the World Cup and reveals he would like to work on the international stage in the future

The setting in a Northampton hotel breakfast bar is low key, and the conversation is relaxed, but there are many moments during an interview with Ronan O’Gara when it feels like I am in the presence of a future great coach in Test rugby. The depth of his intelligence, curiosity and conviction is obvious but, beyond the gravitas, O’Gara also has a light touch. When I ask him if, while turning La Rochelle into the champions of Europe last year, he sometimes had to be an actor to instil belief into a previously unfashionable club, he shakes his head in amusement. “One of my greatest strengths and weaknesses is that I can’t act,” O’Gara says.

His smile becomes steely as he stresses how this apparent failing sharpens the authenticity of his work. “Exactly. It’s also very important because I’ve seen previous coaches put on a mask or try and be something they’re not. The people you coach are too smart to be fooled that way. But you have to remember we’re playing sport. It’s meant to be enjoyable and these are meant to be the best days of your life. We don’t work. We play sport.”

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Written by Donald McRae
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