Salt’s stunning century confirms T20 series as tough, six-shooting gunfight

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England and West Indies have both gone for all-out attack in what has become a wonderfully entertaining gung-ho confrontation

Three games in, and there has been something of the Wild West (Indies) about this series. Matches have been chaotic and entertaining, characterised by reputations being made and ruined, by those with a wayward aim being punished in duel after duel, by people being trigger-happy with their six‑shooters, by the sight of innocent bystanders ducking for cover. And as for England, well, there’s a new sheriff in town.

Two and a half years after his international debut, after 19 ODIs and precisely as many Twenty20s, three months after he was left out of a World Cup squad and two after the England and Wales Cricket Board announced a fresh list of centrally contracted players without him on it, Phil Salt has established himself as a key member of this white-ball side.

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Written by Simon Burnton in Grenada
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