Sophia, Saudi Arabia’s ‘Robot Citizen’ is in Nepal

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Human-made robot ‘Sofia’ has come to Nepal. The Saudi government had given citizenship by declaring their citizens in last October.

She is the first robot to get citizenship. The Saudi government had given citizenship as a woman.

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) was given the title of the Innovation Championship in Sofia.

Sophia is coming to Nepal today to participate in a conference held in Kathmandu. Sophia has to give a breakthrough speech in a conference about the planning in UNDP conference.

Hong Kong’s company’s Hans robotics has built it. After the Saudi government gave citizenship, Sophia had a four-point discussion. Sophia has been participating in various conferences and programs around the world.

Sophia can recognize the voice of the person due to the ability to recognize the camera and voice used in a robot. She answers via Google Chrome Voice Recovery.