Spain v Morocco: World Cup 2018 – live!

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11 min “Goodness gracious guys!” says Ben. “It’s coming home, England loses here, it’s not coming home, it’s coming coming to the right street but doesn’t make it past the gate… Everybody (commenting) is so busy predicting and mapping out possibilities, I feel like few people are just enjoying England’s adventure. Some sound like they’re more concerned than anything else. It’s the World Cup. England has a great team. Let’s enjoy the hell out of this ride, step by step. Be happy. Smile. Yay football! (And hopefully Rashford starts).”

And in one email, Ben perfectlyt summed up the questionable gift of being English.

10 min In 1990, Pique’s challenge would barely have merited a second look, but by the modern interpretation of the laws he should have been sent off – both feet were off the ground, with studs showing, as he challenge Boutaib.

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Written by Rob Smyth
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