Stan Collymore: ‘The thing white men hate most is outspoken black men’

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The former England forward-turned-broadcaster has become a strident voice on football’s relationship with race and, despite the backlash on social media, he stands by every word

Stan Collymore has agreed to speak to me on the Tuesday afternoon just gone but it has to be over the phone as he is driving to St George’s Park for England’s pre-World Cup media day. So I call him at 1pm and connect immediately. But the line is bad and I fear our interview will not go well. Or proceed at all.

I need not have worried. The sound improves and, as it does, Collymore bursts into life. The next half an hour or so is a whirlwind as the former England forward speaks passionately, honestly, intelligently and controversially about a topic that means a lot to him: race. Collymore has a lot to say, a lot to get off his chest, a lot of targets to fire at, and it is riveting.

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Written by Sachin Nakrani
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