Stefanos Tsitsipas v Dominic Thiem: ATP Finals final – live!


First set: Stefanos Tsitsipas 1-0* Dominic Thiem: Stefanos Tsitsipas kicks off proceedings and what a perfect start that was. Four first serves, two aces and he gets on the board with an immediate love hold. What are nerves?

Tsitsipas on Thiem:

Q. You have a huge fan base in Austria, I can tell you, and you have a huge fan named Dominic Thiem. A few days ago he said he loves watching you, the style of play you have. Is there an answer from your side? Because possibly he could be one of your opponents in the final. Is there any answer about his development and his style of play? This week especially.

STEFANOS TSITSIPAS: I haven’t said that, but Dominic has inspired me a lot to be a better version of myself when I’m out on the court.

I see a lot of things that he does on the court, and I try to do the same. Because I have mentioned this before: what Roger does, only Roger does. It’s really difficult to copy what you see.

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Written by Tumaini Carayol
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