The Verge 2018 tech report card: Snap


Snap had one of its most unexciting years to date. As 2018 went on, the company began to lose both talent and users. At the same time, it set loftier plans in motion to compete with its greatest competitor, Facebook, through augmented reality, new merch, and another version of Spectacles, despite tons of unsold stock. This year, it seemed Snap had a bigger game plan and we’re seeing it try to execute – but none of that matters if the company has no staff or users.

Just this year, Snap lost CEO Evan Spiegel’s right-hand man, Imran Khan, who served as chief strategy officer; its head of finance Andrew Vollero; vice president of monetization engineering Stuart Bower; its head of sales Kristen O’Hara; and its president of hardware Mark…

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Written by Ashley Carman
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