US Bangla death tolls 51

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The US-Bangla plane crash has reached 51. According to Sanjay Kumar Sah, the creator of search and rescue division at Tribhuvan International Airport, Princi Dhami of Achham, who was undergoing treatment at the Apollo Hospital of Delhi, died in treatment.

She had returned to Dhaka for further medical treatment. Two Nepalese along with a Bangali are currently undergoing treatment in Singapore.

According to the director Sah, one of the Nepalese youths is undergoing treatment in the medical condition. According to the Bangladeshi magazine, The Daily Star, Afsana died on the 10th day of the death of pilot husband Abdul Sultan’s death. She died by the stoke after she heard of her husband’s death.

Daily Star writes that during the treatment, Afsana died. 71 passengers along with 67 passengers were traveling on a flight to Tribhuvan International Airport on the outskirts of Bangladeshi Aircraft. 49 were died on spot on the accident. There were 33 Nepali, 36 Bangladeshis, a Chinese and Maldives citizens and four were crew on the plane.