West Indies v Australia: Women’s World Twenty20 semi-final – live!

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Gardner falls much as Mooney did earlier, trying to force the ball over the mid-off fielder but failing clear her. The miscue lands with Henry, who makes no mistake, giving Matthews a wicket from the penultimate ball of her final over. Earlier, Lanning jumped down at the off-spinner to reach it on the full before smacking her down the ground for four. Expect more of that in these final five overs.

15th over: Australia 95-3 (Lanning 27, Villani 0)

14th over: Australia 88-2 (Lanning 22, Gardner 13) BOOM! After battling through Fletcher’s over, absorbing three dot balls, Gardner picks up the final delivery, clobbering it over the long-on boundary. That’s got to be her strategy moving forward from here.

.@collinsadam Australia not exactly racing away, but worth noting that West Indies’ highest 2nd innings total at home is 124.

130 may be enough. Thinking about the WI batters, I’m not confident that they will adapt quickly.

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Written by Adam Collins in Antigua
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West Indies v Australia: Women’s World Twenty20 semi-final – live!

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