West Indies v England: second Test, day one – live!

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13th over: England 23-2 (Bairstow 8, Root 5) West Indies have bowled excellently this morning – they’ve given England very little for nowt, and one of the few gifts got them a wicket. This attack might struggle in Australia where medium pace gets whacked, but otherwise I can see it causing aggravation all over, which is am affirming thought: are West Indies about to be good again? Holder is grooved now, hitting a length and Root can’t decide whether to come forward or go back so does both and is beaten. So Holder then offers him a tempter to drive … and Root goes after it, edging … between the two gullies! Four, but of the streaky variety.

12th over: England 19-2 (Bairstow 8, Root 1) It’s an interesting pitch this – the pace and bounce aren’t uniform, which should make for a low-scoring and exciting match. These are the kind of conditions in which a technician like Root could make the difference, but he’s at the other end as Joseph beats Bairstow’s cut … and edge, just. Bairstow responds with two down the ground off the final ball.

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Written by Daniel Harris (now) and Rob Smyth (later)
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