West Indies v England: third Test, day three – live!


24th over: England 72-1 (Jennings 22, Denly 29) A fine over from Roach, who makes Denly’s life repeatedly difficult but doesn’t quite locate an edge. Still, a maiden. And hang on, this custard thing clearly has legs. “Robert Wilson’s message made me wonder whether the non-Newtonian nature of warm custard would translate into a playable pitch,” writes Olly Horne. “Warrants investigating, in my opinion.”

23rd over: England 72-1 (Jennings 22, Denly 29) A change of pace with Roston Chase, and Shannon Gabriel is forced to do some fielding on the boundary – and he doesn’t seem to be moving very fluently either. West Indies are already one seamer down after the Paul’s injury, but maybe Gabriel’s just in a funk.

“Robert Wilson said that he would want to face a 90 mph ball on a paddling pool filled with custard,” says Robert Darby. “Custard is a non-Newtonian liquid, so it would be interesting to see whether a fall would keep low or rear up. I think we should be told.” I would love to see Gabriel bowl into a paddling pool full of custard in the name of science.

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Written by Simon Burnton (now) and Rob Smyth (later)
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