Woking’s Geoff Chapple: ‘If you group together then never write off a shock’


The Cards’ manager when they pulled off FA Cup upsets in 1991 and 1997 believes the Surrey non-league side can do it again when they host Watford on Sunday

“If I could I’d have marching bands out there, the Royal Marines, everything.” Geoff Chapple is sitting in the boardroom at Woking’s stadium, Kingfield, gesturing in the vague direction of the pitch. He is an avowed sucker for razzmatazz and, if it were up to him, Watford would be greeted by the full works on Sunday: a raucous buildup that gets the place rocking and winds back the clock to the days when this north-west corner of Surrey crackled with the purest strain of FA Cup romance.

“I said I want the music to be right: I used to have my own signature tune, Simply the Best,” he says. “Then someone said to me: ‘We hear what you’re saying, Geoff, but you’re 73.’”

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Written by Nick Ames
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