World Cup 2018: Groups C and D get set for finales – live!

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And some more of your musings.

The commenter “Nil-all” (a score you’ll remember is yet to feature in Russia 2018) poses the following conundrum:

If VAR can only review red card decisions, penalties and mistaken identity, how come CR7 gets a yellow from a VAR review?

I thought the Ronaldo elbow was a clear red once the ref had decided to penalise it. An off the ball elbow in the face? That’s a red all day, no?

If the ref had decided it wasn’t a foul, fair enough, it was a bit of a 50:50 decision. But if he’s going to give a card it HAS to be red for the foul he’s penalising.

Were it not for VAR, there would be an unacceptable number of games in this World Cup whose outcome was determined by poor officiating.

As it is, there is merely an infuriating number of games in this World Cup affected by poor officiating.

What a night of football last night. What a world cup. Never end. Just, never end.

Meanwhile, a vote from our friend “Birbkamp” on the Isco/Redknapp debate:

@rrjparkin nailed on with the Isco/Redknapp thing

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Written by Richard Parkin (now), Rob Bleaney and John Brewin later
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