World Cup 2018: the latest news and reaction after England progress – live!

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No one’s getting carried away. Not at all. djkbrown2001 writes: “Greece won euro 2004. This could be England’s year. And Harry Kane becomes Sir Harry Kane. Definitely would have to be knighted if England wins it.”

“Morning Mike.” Hi Matt Loten. “After a fairly sleepless night during which Three Lions was ringing around my head until 2am, I am researching the penalties through bleary eyes over my morning coffee. Name on the trophy and all that. I actually thought the referee had a good game. He made it clear from the get-go that if Colombia were going to be physical he would punish them. Assuming that the yellow for the headbutt was the VAR’s call, he was right on all the big decisions, and he wasn’t intimidated by when the Colombians tried to intimidate him as the game wore on. I’m sure the Colombians will disagree, but that’s academic anyway, as it was always coming home.” I share your certainty that Colombians won’t agree, but yes, the referee did well to notionally keep a lid on things in what was a fairly intimidating atmosphere. Did he get Lingard’s penalty shout right though?

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Written by Mike Hytner (now), Ben Fisher and Will Unwin (later)
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