33 Gold Case: DSP Prajit KC arrested

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DSP Prajit KC of the immediate team of the crime team, who recovered the body of Sanam Shakya’s dead body, was murdered in missing case of 33 kg of smuggling.

The committee formed to investigate the incident had called for District Police Office, Morang for the statement. And, on Friday, he had reached the peacock.

Police sources said they were under control after Sunday. Detailed research has been started by adding District Court, duty of death to Morang and 3 days in organized crime on him.

According to police, his statement has been taken under control after not being informed.

Earlier, in the past 18 February, KC led police team had recovered the body of Sanam Shakya from Bikaner’s vehicle in Pokhariya of Biratnagar.

They have been saying that the owner of 33 kg gold gold has been searching for Chudamani Upreti and reached Dharan and Biratnagar.

Sai Balakrishna, a team of team members, is also under control. Inspector General (SSP) Dibesh Lohani, Chief Superintendent of Superintendent Sending Biratnagar, has also been appointed the Police Office.