Sakella Celebration at Kathmandu

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The great festival of the Kirant community, the celebration of Sakella, has begun on Monday.

In connection with the demand of ‘Unnecessary Predicts, Disease Disorders, Natural Disasters’, the beginning of the festival has been celebrated from Monday.

This festival is celebrated by worshiping the land, patriarch and grain. On this occasion, the Kirant community in Kathmandu has organized a program in Nalipot of Lalitpur on Monday. Kirant community, who settled in Kathmandu Valley, has danced on the occasion of the festival.

The village leaders, who celebrated this festival, celebrated the festival with the intention of being planted by the grain planting. The worship of nature has come to be the religious belief of the Kali community.

After the worship of the patriarch in Sakella, the song begins with the hands and feet in the front of the song to start breaking the veil. The festival is a celebration for two months for two months at the time of entering the grain grains, namely Baashakh and Nanbali.

The Kirant communities of this occasion also make a good deal of exchange with the wishes of peace, prosperity and prosperity.