Temperature at Kathmandu: Hailstorm and Scorching sunshine

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Regarding the rainy rain in the hilly area of ​​the country, Kathmandu Valley has been steady for some days.

There is rain in the sky, with dump clouds, sometimes sun lighting and hailstorm in the afternoon. After the water premises, the weather has also begun to make the sun open.

Due to the seasoning season, season forecasting for some days is normal, the weather forecast said.

According to Raju Pradhananga, weather forecast of the weather forecast, “said Raju Pradhananga,” Now the low-temperature system is active in the low atmosphere, if the western atmosphere is active in the upper atmosphere, it is raining in hilly areas. ”

Snowy mountains are also high in the hills and Himalayan. But there is no rainfall in the Terai region. The rainy area is not too big. Pradhananga, a seasoned seasonal rainy season, says.

This sequence is said to be a few days’ longer weathermoders. Pradhanang said that while he continues till now he cannot say. ‘We can only say after seeing the condition of the rain for three days, nothing will be known about the time the weather is cleaned,’ he said.