Labor Day Rally in Kathmandu

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On the occasion of International Labor Day, Kathmandu celebrated by demanding the government to enforce Labor and Social Security Fund.

Various labor organizations have taken rally on Tuesday demanding proper respect to labor in Kathmandu.

Nepal Trade Union Federation, Nepal Trade Union Congress, All Nepal Trade Union Federation, and union organizations have turned into a constituent assembly after the rally fired. It is celebrating this day in Biratnagar in 2007, with the workers’ movement in 2007.

After the political change of 2046, the government has been giving public leave on this occasion. In 1886, America has begun to celebrate the World Labor Day with the slogan “eight hours work, 8 hours entertainment and eight hours rest” in Chicago.

In the memory of the same labor movement, from October 18, every year, in the English month, every day will be celebrated on Labor Day.