Traffic businessmen demanded against not to invoke the strike plan

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Traffic entrepreneurs have already taken two conditions ahead of the government not knowing the movement. They have proposed that they should be ‘face savvy’, and they should be given the insurance and proprietary firm for the compensation of all the compensated persons of the injured.

They also want to change the provision of 5 vehicles to go to the company and bring it to 3 in three. The Ministry of Home Affairs said that the government has decided to address the conditions of the Nepal Traffic Entrepreneurs National Federation. The government has been prepared to discuss issues related to the company registration and renewal of the committee.

The government has made secret talks with the bar traders in Singhadurbar today. Collaberated is seen as a close proposer as the Highway Bus Busing Committee and the West Nepal bus business union movement. There are about 5,000 public rides with these drought equipments.

However, they are demanding to be registered with the merchandise of the bus in the firm for driving. Similarly, the current insurance policy has covered only one million rupees of the passengers.

‘The cost of treatment for the injured is sometimes unlikely to reach 10 lakhs, as a result of fewer insurance funds; the non-risk borrower is not illegal. Therefore, the government will be interested in the amendment to the insurance policy, “an official of the Transport Ministry said,” There is no problem in prompter eradication. So the businessman may agree. ‘

Traffic management department is also positive to reduce the arrangements for 5 vehicles for 3 companies. The federation is blocking public transportation services across the country tomorrow.