Australia v India: Boxing Day Test, day five – live!


  • Live updates from day five of the third Test at the MCG
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Pat Cummins has to do everything.

Gotta feel for Pat Cummins. Out there pulling the covers on and off, while the rest of the team sit back in the dressing room sipping lattes. #AusvInd

“Hi Geoff,” writes Jeremy. “In your preamble I reckon you’ve put your finger on exactly why I love Test cricket: this game is a piquant mix of a starry-eyed optimism that has you dreaming that your hero can bat all day and the pessimism that is the OBO’s poetic stock in trade.

“But best of all are those valiant performances in defeat; Cummins’ on-drives yesterday had the look of a captain going down with the ship and trying to hold back the waves while he was at it. And then your mind starts to play those lovely games of ‘what if?’ – sadly, in this case it’s: what if one or two of the top six had shown a tenth of Cummins’ application?”

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Written by Geoff Lemon(now); Adam Collins and Jonathan Howcroft (later)
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