Australia v India: Boxing Day Test, day two – live!


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96th over: India 2-236 (Pujara 78, Kohli 55) For the third time, hello. I’m starting to feel like Lionel Richie here. There is enough juice in the pitch to give Cummins a decent bouncer. It was too high to threaten Kohli in the end, but he was very ungainly in going under it, there was a hint of flinch in that. This after Cummins had beaten his edge yet again. Lyon may have dismissed Kohli more than anyone, but Cummins is the bowler who makes him look uncomfortable.

95th over: India 2-235 (Pujara 77, Kohli 55) On goes Starc. Pujara leaves where he can, defends the shorter balls when he must. Looks so in control even when batting isn’t fun. Another ball that over takes off through to Paine. If a bowler can get one of those to go at a batsman’s gloves… Pujara works a single fine from the last ball.

“Is it still a cat sick pitch?” emails Andrew Benton. “A wombat wee pitch? A platypus poo pitch? A koala krap pitch? Maybe a dingo doo pitch? It’s important to know these things you know, brings it all to life… natural life.”

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Written by Geoff Lemon (now); Adam Collins (later); Jonathan Howcroft (later)
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