Bollywood actor Salman Khan jailed for 5 years

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Jodhpur court has convicted Bollywood actor Salman Khan to be punished for a 5-year jail sentence.

Judge Dev Kumar Khatri on Thursday has sentenced Khan to 5 years imprisonment including 10 thousand rupees.

According to Section 9/51 of the Wildlife Protection Act, the court has blamed actor Khan. Police have arrested him on Thursday.

He was alleged to have been killed for the murder of Black Harin (Chankara) who worshiped the local people of Rajasthan during the shooting of ‘We are together.’ The decision has been taken on Thursday in the court for 20 years.

Actor Salman, actor Saif Ali Khan and actresses Sonali Bindre, Nilam and Tabu were also accused of poaching wildlife. Judge of Jodhpur District Court, Devkumar Khatri, convicted them.

They had killed two deers on October 1 and 2 in 1998. The accused also accused Dushyanta Singh and the then assistant of Salman, Dinesh Gaware, was also accused of the same case.