Demand to conduct regular flights at the Rumzatar Airport

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Nepali Congress leader Ramhari Khatiwada has called a memorandum letter to Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister Ravindra Adhikari for conducting a regular flight in the Rumzatar airport of Okhaldhunga.

The team along with the leader Khatiwada has given a memorandum to the Minister of Mines in the Ministry of Singers today.

Ramhari Khatiwada, a leader, urged the Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation to organize regular flight arrangements at the Rumzatar Airport in the district of blacklisted.

Similarly, the team has urged the Minister for the purpose of setting up a flight ticket at the Kaji Bhandeshwari Airport in Western districts. Khatiwada said that the Rumzatar Airport has been asked to make air base depot by making base.

Understanding the memorandum, the Minister of State gave assurance to initiate a regular flight to the Rumzatar Airport aircraft at Okhaldhunga. Khatiwada said that the officials will soon fly simultaneously at Kaji Bhandeshv Aviation camp at Okhaldhunga.