Former DIG Silwal is still free

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The Red Corner notice was issued by the Interpol consisting of the most searched list against the UML MP and former DIG Navaraj Silwal, could not be arrested by police. The Supreme Court directed two months ago to arrest Silwal for carrying out investigation and filing of the performance of the police employee’s highly confidential confidentiality. However, against the order of Supreme Court, he appeared at newly appointed PM’s office, as UML Chairman KP Oli was appointed as the new prime minister.

After few days, Silwal with the security forces reached federal Parliament building to attend the joint Parliamentary Party meeting of the Alliance. Few days ago, Police was searching Silwal to arrest him as he is in the list of the most searched list of the police. And an arrest warrant was issued by the government but as soon as Oli became the PM, he reached to meet him.

But Lalitpur Police had sent a letter to the Kathmandu Police saying they did not find Silwal. The accused of the police station was abducted by the police office of the police station. Silwal was writing to the micro blogging site Twitter, mentioning he was at Malaysia and differing to America.