Government’s slack; left just as council

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The first and uncontrollable parliamentary party leader has seen the work of the Government of Province  5. Due to delay in the cabinet expansion, the work done in priority has not been done.

The appointment of 3-member Council of Ministers has become more than 2 weeks. The Cabinet has not yet achieved perfection. Chief Minister Shankar Pokhrel had sworn oath with UML and UCPN (M) ministers in Fergun 3. UCPN (Maoist), Baijnath Chaudhary, in the cabinet of the Chief Minister, Pokharel has taken the responsibility of physical infrastructure development and the Maoist’s cadres, internal affairs and laws are under the ministry. He did not do any such activity by holding the meeting of the Council of Ministers on oath.

After the readiness is very low and aspirant, the Council of Ministers of the State 5 has been delayed. Chief Minister UML was on the run. Shankar Pokharel was elected as the leader of the party in Agh 7, on the day the UML formed the oath of the state for immediate formation of the government.

The first meeting was held in Kathmandu after the meeting was held in Kathmandu. The leader who has not yet been taken to the ministry is still united. A UML leader said that there was no discussion on the government. Even if the government does not fulfill the completion of the state’s work.

What two ministers are doing to handle the ministry’s work, even ministry is in confusion. Pokharel, who is returning to the state Butwal, after Friday, said that the government would start the homework expansion after coming to Butwal. ‘At first, there was no place to keep the ministry. Government does not mean expansion but also infrastructure, he said, “The ministry’s secretariat has expanded.”