Thousands of infected by Malaria

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A record has shown in 2017, there were a thousand and more malaria infections across the country. According to the epidemiology and disease control, a total of 1,128 infected are found in 40 districts. Out of which 126 people are infected by of severe, senior public administrator of the General Hospital, Doctor Vivek Kumar Lal said.

The maximum number of people infected is found Kailali, i.e. 267, Dhanunha 78 and 75 people in Kanchanpur have been reported to have been infected.

According to the health superintendent, three people died due to the rising oval of malaria. The government aims to make Nepal free by 2025.

There are still high risks of 15 district fingers, 10 medium and 15 districts are at low risk. The government is conducting fingerprint prevention programs in 31 districts for preventing Malaria.