Salman’s show is cancelled; he is already paid advance

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Salman Khan’s show is cancelled due to the Maoist’s warning. However, Salman and his team for this show that they have taken a remuneration.

Salman’s team has been sent by the bank to send about Rs 500 million. Organizer sources told that 10 people in the team were sent to their account.

In the immediate situation, the ODC which can be suspended for some time has been mentioned in the deal with Sohail Khan’s production. But there is no mention of cancellation.

So, if the Odyssey International could not do this in the future, it would be hard to get Rs. 500 million back.

Says Omani International Chief Seamant Gurung, “The situation made us to postponed, still we will decide a new date soon. We want to program a peaceful atmosphere. “

He said that Salman Khan could issue the announcement of this event.

Gurung urged not to negatively reflect a foreign celebrity in the country.

“The artists of our country also go in various countries, so that even artists from abroad cannot be found here,” he said.

So far, about 5,000 tickets have been sold for the show that will be said on Thursday. Gurung says showcase in near future and can be seen from this ticket.

But, for some reason, even those who cannot attend the program can afford to withdraw money.

Meanwhile, the All Nepal Cultural Federation (NRCF) near the Maoist Maoist has expressed pleasure to postpone of Salman’s show. Federation of General Secretary, Khem Thamaliya said that postponement of the show was “the most transformative and nationalist victory over the Nepali people”.

Speaking to Online News, he said, “We were preparing to give the necessary pressure to stop this show, but in the evening the organizers got wisdom.” He said that he would not allow the show to be held in the future.

If the program was organized, Thalaliya said that there was no such plan in the question that you were stopped by violence.

“We did not plan to use any force to stop the program by pressuring pressure,” he said.