Government against traffic syndicate, warning to businessmen

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After the announcement of the movement in the favor of Syndicate, the businessmen warned that the government has taken strict action.

The Nepal National Traffic Professionals Federation said that after the announcement of the protest movement including the road block and Home spokesperson Ram Krishna Subedi, all the businessmen who ban the urgent service will be brought to the scope of law.

“We take strict action against challenging the state,” he said, adding that “bringing syndicate to competitive era is to stand against the legal state.” This is not always acceptable. “Whatever the movement did, the vehicles did not get stuck, and he also urged the movement to register the program by registering a business under the Company Act.

“Syndicate has been rejected, the committees have already been dissolved,” he said. According to the revised directories, it is a mistake to say businessmen, now to bow down to the state, mislead the business. We will conduct police and armed police beyond the necessity, the service should be given to the passengers,” said Sudedi. “The federation does not see its own benefit, so that the businessman does not benefit, loss is lost.”

In the protest against the dismissal of Syndicate, the Federation has publicly announced the program of staged movement. Businessmen are aggrieved after the Council’s Council of Ministers dismissed the traffic committees registered in accordance with the organization’s law. The Council of Ministers has now instructed them to operate only by registering the company. Also, the decision has not been made to renew the registration of registered traffic committees in the district administration office.

Tulsiram Aryal, director of the Traffic Management Department, said no matter what the movement did.