Malindo Air was almost on accident at TIA

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The ship of Malindo Air, which is going to Kuala Lumpur from Malaysia from Kathmandu, has been prevented from a major accident. The flight number OD 181 ship was adjacent to the ground on the grass ground on the runway on Thursday night.

At 10:00 pm to, i.e. from the 20 runway was going to the southern region i.e. 02, the ship went to wrong direction of 193 feet.

The flight had 139 passengers. Members of the crew and passengers are all safe. The rescue team immediately rescued after landing on the front side of the ship. A large number of rescue workers, including fire controllers, ambulances, security personnel, were on a plane with immediate help. After all the passengers are trapped, the ship has been taken to the parking area.

On the previous flight, it was affected by the flight of the Tribhuvan International Airport till late night. The plane on the preparation of the ship was shifted to others.

Sanjeev Gautam, Director General of Nepal Civil Aviation Authority said that there was a major accident in Tribhuvan International Airport.

Earlier, 50 passengers died when the plane was flown out of the runway while the plane was over.