‘Jatra’, finally on YouTube

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A cast of Nepalese best comedians, Bipin Karki, Rabindra Singh Baniya, Rabindra Jha, Barsha Raut, Prakash Ghimire, led by director Pradeep Bhattarai is finally released to public on Youtube.

Jatra also pays equal attention to other details including the characters’ costumes and setting. What Jatra is clearly not is a parable, even with its theme of morality, earnestness and greed (this is perhaps, Bhattarai’s contemporary side). The only take away from the movie is that good work pays off!

This movie is produced by Singe Lama and Yadav Paudel and music directed by the famous stat Hari Bansha Acharya. On native box office, it has earned the amount 30 million NPR.

About a couple of weeks ago, this movie was used as a promo material of some online TV apps. This movie is released on YouTube with the collaboration of Highlights Nepal.

Karki, known for his role of villain Bhasme in Pashupati Prasad, has transformed himself into the honest, polite and innocent Fadindra with ease in Jatra, once again proving his acting calibre. Jha and Baniya appeal the audiences with their acts. The supporting cast, with their convincing roles, has added to the performances of lead actors.

Three men — Fadindra (Bipin Karki), Joyas (Rabindra Singh Baniya) and Munna (Rabindra Jha) struggle to make a living. Despite their continuous effort to earn money and live a dignified life, they fail. Then suddenly they get Rs 30 million, and their life takes an unexpected turn.

And the movie Jatra, that narrates the story of these three men, too takes an unexpected turn from this point onwards, unfolding one mystery after another.

As the film’s story moves ahead, the laugh riot also begins, thanks to the punch lines with right timing. And the comedy is not forced; it goes along with the story line. Dialogue delivery too is apt and natural.