Kell Brook stops Amir Khan in sixth round to win grudge match


  • Khan beaten under onslaught from bitter rival
  • Natasha Jonas wins world title after stoppage

Twenty years since they first met in the ring as amateurs, and after more than a decade of simmering animosity between them, Kell Brook finally gained the sweet vindication he has craved for so long when he stopped Amir Khan in the sixth round on Saturday night in Manchester. Brook reacted to his crushing victory with euphoria while Khan looked dazed and broken after he was helped to his corner.

The end, when it came, was as predictable as it was bleak for Khan. He protested meekly to the referee, Victor Loughlin, but he had suffered heavy punishment and, backed up helplessly against the ropes as Brook pummelled him, there could be only one outcome. One last uppercut, which followed percussive combinations, rocked Khan’s head back and, thankfully, Loughlin called a halt to the contest 51 seconds into round six.

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Written by Donald McRae at the AO Arena
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