Not quality products are produced, alleges Education Secretary Regmi

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Education Secretary Madhu Prasad Regmi has said that students of middle class students targeted technical education and vocational training council (CTVT) could not fulfill the capacity of the student. On the occasion of the 30th annual festival, Education Secretary Regmi said that CTI should pay attention to qualitative education in numerical education in the program held at Sitthiami, Bhaktapur, Headquarter of Captivities.

Many of the students produced in the last time have been charged with incredible and unemployed students providing practical technical education. Professor Dr. Suresh Raj Sharma emphasized the need for all students of the CTVT students to be skillfull.

The member secretary of the CTVT, Pushpa Raman Wagle said that the quality of monitoring and monitoring of education programs has been affecting the quality of the body.