Carelessness of Norvic Hospital; Left was to be operated, doctor embroidery the right knee

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Norvic International Hospital has found serious mistake during treatment. The doctor of the hospital has surged the knee on the right leg of Bindu Poudel, which has been admitted to operation of the leg.

The 38-year-old Poudel of Chitwan had come to Norvic for treatment due to tearing ligament. After showing the operation in Chitwan, the family members carrying MRI report came to the Norvic hospital.

After seeing the report, Dr. Achantan Nepal gave the opinion that there was no need to be operational. The point came to Kathmandu on Thursday and reached the hospital directly from the airport.

She had gone to the hospital herself. However, Dr. Nepal repatriated the need to be launched. ‘Now it’s gone now. It is difficult to say that the pain is not even painful, “said Mr. Kishore Poudel, the point of view with online news.

Before doing that operation, family members do not even have MRI again. However, Dr. Nepal has repeatedly seen MRI nervousstopy. After the trial, the patient was not admitted, went home.

On Friday, around 9:00 am, the hospital was admitted and the operation started.

He was kept for four hours in the operation room. Operation was not available anywhere, which is natural. But, what is more than what the doctor said.

When relatives were found to meet, when the patients performed surgery, the family members fell asleep. Why not? The doctor, who is sent to operation on the left knee limb, is worried at the right.

Until that time, the trial did not say anything. The victim family visited the doctor. She did not meet At the time, where they came to Executive Director Rajendra Bahadur Singh and spoke serious mistakes during the treatment.

According to the relatives of the patient, initially the doctor had begun to accept the mistake. Dr. The entry was Nepal’s logic, when I went to the Operation Room; I saw many problems right before Debra, so I performed it.

However, the relatives of the patient did not believe it. Before operation of the right foot, not only did not inform itself, but questioned what test it operated on. During the discussions, Singh’s executive director, did not agree with the doctor’s logic.

However, at the end Dr. Nepal acknowledged the mistake that Nepal left thinking and operation.

The four-day agreement has been signed between the hospital and the victim’s side by the Chaudhary Group on Saturday. In the agreement, Nepal, and Shailaj Ranjitkar have accepted the fact that ‘the mistake to be the right knee operation’ due to human error.

There is consent to the entire treatment hospital based on the expert physician, without treatment possible for free treatment of the two feet of the patient. Also, the treatments of the knee of the patient should not be spent in the hospital unless it is possible, but it is possible to spend the entire treatment.