A Single Character can crash your Iphone, Ipad or Mac

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Apple devices has been around long enough to be on hands of most of us. We get updated to daily news, message our loved ones and friends, in fact we do everything we need to.

This enthusiasm, tinkering around, of one Italian blogger has led him to find out a way that can crash your apple device by sending a single character as a message. Your messaging app such as ipads, Macs, Iphones and even apple watch are susceptible to it.

This single character spotted by Italian Blog Mobile World can be exploited by anyone by just sending a single character from Telugu, a native Indian language, and upon opening the message the receivers apple device(s) crashes.

The easy fix is to delete the conversation that contains this character.

Though most version of IOS are affected, public beta version of IOS 11.3 remains unaffected.

Source: TheHackerNews

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