PM Oli turn 67, birthday celebration was congestion

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The Prime Minister’s residence, Baluwatar, was seen in the ‘Party Mood’ since Thursday morning. By the evening, there was sandwich of people, the precious catering table’s was seen allaround the premises. Foods were dried up by catering. Prime Minister’s residence became like the party palace.

After the day, the residence was added with the partyness. UML leader activists broke the sandwich with family members and their children. Someone had a dough in someone’s hands, so expensive in someone’s hands! The line also showed government employees and officials. The reference to the program was – Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s 67th Birthday.

The respected PM was born in Iwaa in Tahruthum in Fergun 11, 2008, has entered Thursday in the 67th year. On the occasion of this birth of his birth, there is a crowd of goodwill at the Prime Minister’s residence.

The sandwara entry was made simpler than it was on Thursday. There was no pause for admission to the PM’s residance.

In the morning, youth union activists with Sun Mark Ankak cake reached Baluwatar, where Prime Minister Oli cut it along with Madhav Nepal and party leaders.

Shortly, a group reached with huge cake. This was by Madan Bhandari Sports Academy. Oli cut it out.

Chinese Ambassador, Yu Hong and Manmohan Singh Puri, Indian Ambassador, also took the cake at different times to Baluwatar. They wish to give birth to Prime Minister Oli.

The incident that took place at Sandwati by carrying arms in India and China found in cake that the pristige of KP Oli was overlined in social networks.

After that Prime Minister Oli received another cake on the occasion organized in honor of cricket cricketers.

After evening, the number of people who reached Prime Minister’s birth anniversary increased in Baluwatar. There was not only the UML leader but the workers, businessmen and artists also came there.

The crowd became so big that, it was not less than Ratnapark or Koteshwor. All the visitors congratulated the Prime Minister in a friendly atmosphere.

At the birth ceremony in Baluwatar, the number of people had seen about 5,500 in the evening.

Congratulations to the Prime Minister KP Oli on our behalf!