South Africa v England: third Test, day three – live!


32nd over: South Africa 78-4 (Nortje 2, van der Dussen 5) Bess keeps it tight as van der Dussen clips to midwicket for a single and Nortje blocks his way to 50 (balls).

“Well,” says Richard Mansell, “if one is South African this is as depressing as it must be exhilarating for England fans. It looks like we are heading for an innings defeat.” I realise that words of comfort from an Englishman may only make things worse, but … Long way to go, and that rain has to come along some time.

31st over: South Africa 77-4 (Nortje 2, van der Dussen 4) Broad has two short covers and no fine leg, so they might as well be in Sri Lanka already. He breaks off from bowling cutters to present Nortje with a lovely inswinger, which very nearly clips the off bail.

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Written by Tim de Lisle (now) and Rob Smyth (later)
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