Sugar customs tax increased, market rates to be same

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The government has decided to increase sugar tariff rates.

Gokul Baskota, government spokesperson and Minister of Information and Communications, informed that the customs duty of 15% of the Chinese consumers was increased by 30 percent.

According to the cabinet meeting held on Tuesday, the customs rate of sugar has increased according to Chinese demand.

The government has also decided to increase the support value of the pot from the quintal to 531 to 536. State Minister, Baskota, said the government decided to encourage both farmers and farmers.

However, she said that the market value of sugar could not be reached.

The government has decided to reduce the number of departments under the federal government by reducing it from 40 to 34. State Minister Baskota said that the decision of decline of 27 percent percentage of employees has also been decided.

The meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Council on Tuesday has issued an internal security arrangement coordination between the state and central government.