World Cup 2018: buildup to the semi-finals begins – live!

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Ah Tony06, I’m with you there. I guarantee I haven’t forgotten Aliou Cissé. Still my pick for the coolest manager, gutted that he and his team went home so early, and definitely a sex symbol. He trumps Sir Gareth for style icon in my opinion.

Memories are short. Remember that before Southgate-mania swept the UK, it was generally agreed that the coolest manager was Senegal’s Aliou Cissé. With his dreadlocks, unique body language, being the only black manager at the World Cup…. he was even asked about being a sex symbol at a press conference, for goodness’ sake!–moi–ask-the-ladies–says-senegal-s-cisse-10462956

Its very hard to pull off a v neck on a guy… got to be young and pretty with a nice flat chest for it to look elegant rather than naff..

She said yes! Congrats Bozza and Sara.

YESSSSSSSSSSS…. Love and Miss You so much our Bozman… Enjoy the remainder of the World Cup then Hurry Home to Us xoxo @TheRealBozza

Thank you beautifuls….have a gr8 rest of the you all.xmb

This video is up there with the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen. Did she have to @ him with an answer? Smh

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