Applicant for Australia increased by 46 percent

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The number of Nepalese students applies for studying in the University of Australia has increased significantly.

This number increased by 46 percent in 2017 compared to the second half of 2016.

Between July and December last year, a million students had applied for studying in Australia. China is the highest number of people and it is of the Indian students that Nepal is in the third place.

Despite the negative media coverage about racial invasion, the student’s application has increased from these countries. According to the Australian media, foreigners in the 2017 period of 2017 in the month of July and December between 6 months between December 2016

The application of students increased by 14.1 percent. In which applications of Indian students have increased by 32 percent and China’s 13 percent increase.

12 thousand students from Nepal, in the third place at Australia have applied for studies.  Brazil was third last year.

More than 90 percent of the applicants have been given a student visa, with 41 thousand Chinese, 20 thousand Indians. Overall, the number of students receiving visas increased by 7 percent.

International students pay expensive fees to study in Australia and it has become a strong source of income from the University.

Critics have expressed concerns over the growing influence of Chinese universities  than in the Australian universities.

Nepal has come as a major source of international students in the last 10 years. Earlier, the students started coming here because of the Maoist conflict, and it has also been maintained by ‘Word of Mount’.

Nepali media has identified Victoria University of Sydney and Western Sydney University as the main destination for Nepalese students and have become the Sydney hub for Nepali speakers.