Wife planned to kill husband with lover

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After the husband goes abroad, wife falls in love with someone outer. When the husband returns, wife and her boyfriend make a murder plan together.

However, the duty of fate husband and wife are public. It is a story of many Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

However, this film style has happened in Birgunj.

Uesh Chaurasia, who has returned from abroad after 10 years, was shot dead on Wednesday night. Birgunj Metropolitan Municipality 13 is a businessman of yarn and is undergoing treatment at Norvic Hospital.

Initially there was a possibility that the criminal group could be shot dead at Chaurasia. However, the police discovered that not being distributed for 24 hours, which is no less than a movie’s view.

The initial report of the police, which has been reported by foreign employment, has shown. According to officials involved in research, Umesh had been in Dubai for almost 10 years in employment.

Even after marriage, three years old wife had left her home to Dubai.

Umesh’s wife Priyanka and CMA Vikendra Kumar Gupta working at Appolo Trauma center, Birgunj, came across her. When Umesh returned home, Priyanka had planned to kill her husband alongside boyfriend Vikendra.

According to the police, Priyanka and Vikendra hired Manoj to the murder of Umesh. Manoj has taken 25 thousand advances to kill Umesh. From a person who did not recognize the same amount, he purchased a pistol with a rounded tablet with 11 bars.

Inspector Rajan Limbu of the Parsa Police Station said that after Manoj had agreed to give 75 thousand to the murder. Vikaendra also gave a motorcycle to Manoj.

Backing up Umesh, who was returning from Butwal in the event of work, Manoj shot before reaching home. He was coming back using the way of Ranghat. Priyanka had informed about Umersh’s location to Manoj through the phone call.

Parsa police chief SP Ganesh Regmi said, “All the accused has accepted the allegations.”

The pistol used in the incident is recovered in the sacks of plastic in a sack of plastic.

The CCTV footage shows that the criminals are easily found to find criminals.